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Former Tennessee Announcer John Ward has Died

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  • Former Tennessee Announcer John Ward has Died

    John Ward who broadcast Tennessee football and basketball game for many years has died at the age of 88. When I was growing up few games were on TV. So I turned to the radio to listen to games. Living in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky it was easy to find Tennessee football and basketball games on the dial. Ward was an excellent announcer. Right up there with Cawood Ledford IMO. You could see why Tennessee fans liked him. He had a way of building the drama of games without it reflecting on himself. He sounded like he was an even better man away from the microphone too. RIP John Ward
    Kentucky fan since 1971.

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    I agree, Kevin. Excellent, excellent play-by-play announcer.
    Philippians 4:11 & 4:13


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      Ward, Ledford. I believe many would pick Munson from Georgia.
      Jack Buck for the Cardinals baseball. Vin Scully. Bob Ueker who was ten times the announcer than a player.
      Harry Carrey for the Cubbies.
      Guys that actually were a part of the experience. I would literally rather listen to them at times than watch the game on TV.

      For me and I'm guessing a few others on here, it's a sad thought the younger fans won't get to share the games with these guys.

      Special memories. Thanks guys. Well done to all.



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      Former Tennessee Announcer John Ward has Died