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Another legend gone

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  • Another legend gone

    Chuck Yeager dies at 97.

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    Growing up, like a lot of youngsters, I was fascinated by airplanes, outer space and UFO's. I had a model of the X-1. Mr. Yeager lived a full life. Not bad for an ole country boy from West Va.

    'America's greatest Pilot' Chuck Yeager, first person to break sound barrier, dies at 97 (
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      Yeager was a helluva man. Broke the sound barrier again at 89.

      I like this line from his autobiography: “If I auger in (crash) tomorrow, it won’t be with a frown on my face. I’ve had a ball.”

      Trivia: He and catcher Steve Yeager were cousins.
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        Hate to hear this news. He was a big hero of my Dad's so naturally I learned to appreciate his accomplishments as well. Now I gotta go watch The Right Stuff again for about the 20th time.
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        Another legend gone