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Notes on NFL Cats 8-4

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  • Notes on NFL Cats 8-4

    As it seems today....last years Cats that seem to be solid for a slot:
    Josh Allen
    Mike Edward's
    Bennie Snell
    CJ Conrad
    Lonnie Johnson IF HE CAN GET HEALTHY and that's because of his draft position.

    Everyone else seems to be in an absolute dog fight to gain a slot way down the bench or more likely practice squad....if that.

    The Jets picked up another center....which is problematic for Jon Toth.

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    After last night:
    Baity and Johnson both played, but no stats.
    Conrad was targeted twice, caught both for 7 yards. Giants TE caught 4 passes total. Giants now list six tight end candidates.
    Big George on concussion protocol DNP.
    Bunchy played, so did Allen .... blowout loss for the Jags.
    The Z-man DNP for the Jets.

    Bennie, Mike Edwards Tonight.


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      ouch. Oof. Awwwwww....

      Sorry. Bennie didn't look good. Plenty of carries, but averaged two yards per. Did have 2 receptions for 25, but the UK great didn't set the Pitt faithful on fire. Yep....2nd and third string o line. Trouble with that is he was playing against 2nd and third defenses.

      Edwards looked very solid. I still think he may have the longest career of any of the Cats from last year.


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        Keep'em comin' , 40bill.


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          Thanks Sam....just picking up odds and ends.
          Westry with a hamstring...DNP. Big George still under concussion protocol.


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            Importance of upcoming games:

            Big George and Westry haven't been able to show what they can do in game conditions, so the next couple of games are big.
            Baity needs some more reps. He is fourth at his slot....and Johnson is the odds aren't getting better.
            Benny has to get adjusted to the new speed. He looked a bit tentative....which is not his game....and may want to look at how Connor attacks the line. Right now he is three....and there's a familiar name breathing down his neck...Ralph Webb from Vandy is the next back.
            CJ needs to keep doing what he's already doing. To be safe, he needs to be the third tight end, but not lower. Rumor is the Giants are possibly looking to groom him for next year when the guy that's starting is a free agent. Giants now have six tight ends on the roster.
            Bunchy was considered a project. Trouble is right now he's listed as the number three center. That won't him there. There are spots at guard, so he has to take one of those, and bear down.
            Allen has been all he was supposed to be, as has Edwards. Both are currently number two at their positions, which is about all you can ask for a first year guy.
            Former cat Badet also has a hammy....and for a guy getting a shot based on flaming speed that's an issue.
            and the beat goes on.....
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              I like this thread. Thanks Bill.
              John 3:3


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                Sure thing Lighthouse.



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                Notes on NFL Cats 8-4