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Last NFL notes for a couple weeks

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  • Last NFL notes for a couple weeks

    Too many things hopping and the Cats are getting ready....I had to study on some of this, so here's some rumors, a few truths and the rest is on the NFL teams:
    CJ has pretty much put the Giants in a seems they offered CJ with hopes he could eventually end up the practice squad TE..the team already had three serviceable (or better) players. Thing is, he has been a wonder to all....and no one believes he would clear waivers to get to the practice squad before another team picked him. But even a talented rookie has a big learning curve the other three tight ends are farther along on....and that 53 man limit is a cruel mistress.
    Horns of a dilemma.

    Rumors are floating Big George will be put on PUP or IR if the concussion issue continues.
    Westry is seeming slated for the practice squad.
    Baity....NFL teams love his raw 'want to', but his forty for a corner wasn't super enough to offset he seems to have stiff hips. There is some thought if safety may not be his long range slot. AND it seems if he sticks it will begin on a practice squad.
    Bunchy is not projected at this time to be on the jags opening day roster.
    Avery Williamson is done for the year with a knee.
    Allen, Snell, Edwards and Johnson seem to be locks at this moment.

    had to read up on some things:
    Practice squad players are normally rookies or second year men the team likes a lot....but aren't quite there.
    A practice squad player cannot have more than two years of NFL experience....which is being on an active roster 6 games in a season.
    A player must be waived and all other teams (in draft order) have the chance to sign them at their current contract this is on final cut day. If they 'clear waivers' and no one selects them they can be signed by any team and put on the practice squad. ( ex: Conrad is put on waivers by the Giants. The Arizona Cardinals sign him off waivers...the Giants cannot counter-offer).
    During the season a practice squad player can be signed by another team IF HE IS
    A practice squad player is not on contract. Minimum salary is 7300 per game week, but a team can pay any amount over that. And does to keep a promising player.
    A practice squad player is subject to being cut for any or no reason being given.

    Jeff Badet and Ferington Hugenin have both had one year on the practice squad.

    practice squad, PUP and IR do not count against the 53 man limit. They do count against salary cap.

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    Thanks for these updates.... much appreciated.

    I would love to see every drafted / free agent UK player make an NFL roster.


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      Originally posted by bigblue4life View Post
      Thanks for these updates.... much appreciated.

      I would love to see every drafted / free agent UK player make an NFL roster. too. But even Alabama can't claim that.
      if you make an NFL roster, you've just been named one of the top 100, 120 players in the world at your position. And you have to hold that title every year, or you're like the rest of us and watching from the side.
      Looking at it that way it makes what guys like Brady, Woodyard, Peters and Manning do more amazing.


      Last NFL notes for a couple weeks