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    Originally posted by SBCatMan View Post
    I generally agree — not too many serious losses here. However, I think that either Mac Jones or Jarred Williams would likely either be the starter at QB or seriously in the mix. Remember, if we get either of those guys, we probably do not get Wilson. THAT will be a very interesting story, depending upon how it plays out.
    Could well be. I don't know if we'll ever know how Mac Jones would fare, because we may never see him play in any competitive game. His performance in Alabama's spring game was impressive, but I don't know if he was facing second or third stringers with first stringers, or what. Jarren Williams might end up being what people hope Terry Wilson will be. Even if he's very talented, starting as a true freshman would be a steep curve. It's hard to guess how either of those two would do at UK this year; it's hard to guess what the guys actually on the roster might do this year. I don't know whether to be cautiously optimistic or not.

    For the next update, I'll delete Ashtan Pierre.


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      Excellent thread, Old School. Thanks.


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        Originally posted by RV View Post
        DT - Middleton, Looney, Cross
        NG - Pringle, Elam, Dubose, Hyde
        DE - Carter, Hoskins, Ke Daniel, Taylor

        I think Middleton, Pringle, Carter and possibly Looney will have breakout seasons. Elam is at the very least depth and he and Hyde can be helpful in goal-line or short yardage situations. Dubose has great size with good ability and should start showing it if he is going to. Daniel is in our pass rush sub package and should be on the field with one other 'big' and the Jack and Sam LB's with their hand in the dirt. We should be able to get good pressure with that group. We might be able to add Hoskins (depending on shoulder surgery recovery) and Paschal in that grouping as well. Cross shows promise as a RS Frosh. If Taylor ever plays meaningful minutes I will be pleasantly surprised.

        I couldn't be more excited about our incoming group of Paschal, Bohanna, Abadi-Fitzgerald and Whittaker. I would love to see all red shirt but I have the suspicion that one or two will force their way onto the field in some capacity.
        No one should listen to me...



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          I wouldn't take issue that last paragraph re: Paschal, Bohanna etc.

          Have our DL issues been talent, execution, coaching, size, footwork, scheme...?


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            Originally posted by Old School View Post
            I wouldn't take issue that last paragraph re: Paschal, Bohanna etc.

            Have our DL issues been talent, execution, coaching, size, footwork, scheme...?
            There are some similarities when comparing a Volkswagen to a Porsche but you can't create a Porsche if you're given a Volkswagen.


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              Mac Jones actually played on Saturday, after Alabama built an immense lead over Tennessee. I don't think they scored on the possession I saw him on; I don't know if it ended with a turnover or what.


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                Jones just played to kill the clock. Handed off to the third. 4th team five star running back.


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                  Originally posted by Old School View Post
                  Every school has decommitments, every year. UK in 2017 will be no different. Have those decommitments actually hurt UK recently?


                  OL Derrick Kelly - Florida State - missed most of 2015 due to injury; in 2016 was backup LT to All-ACC Roderick Johnson, who declared for this year's NFL draft as a junior

                  I think this was UK's only decommit in 2014 other than Denzil Ware, who ended up coming to UK anyway. Would Kelly have made much of a difference at UK? Probably not in 2016 given how well the OL played. Would another quality OL add to competition, practice, etc.? Probably. Big loss? Not really, I don't think, given the group that's there and how well they are playing, and how good their young depth looks so far.


                  CB Montrell Custis - Ole Miss - decommitted from UK to go to Alabama, but then was told Bama didn't have a ride for him, and ended up at Ole Miss; redshirted in 2016; played in 6 games in 2016 as a second/third stringer, with 10 tackles and 2 defended passes; season high 3 tackles vs. Georgia

                  CB Jeremiah Dinson - Auburn - played as a true freshman but was injured; Kentucky landed Chris Westry instead

                  LB Andrew Dowell - Michigan State - played as a true freshman; was second string in 2016, I think

                  DB David Dowell - Michigan State - was third string as a redshirt freshman in 2016, I think

                  DE Darius Fullwood - Virginia Tech - I think was third string as a redshirt freshman

                  DT DaVon Hamilton - Ohio State - entered 2016 as a fourth string redshirt freshman

                  OL Luke Hiers - Central Florida - I think Hiers and Wells ended up not having offers from UK

                  DE Tyrone Riley - North Carolina State - I think he was third string this year as a redshirt freshman

                  DE Jason Strowbridge - North Carolina - I think he was third string as a redshirt freshman this year

                  WR Alex Stump - Ohio State - redshirted in 2015; in 2016, as a third stringer, had a total of 1 catch for 8 yards in a 58-0 win over Rutgers

                  OL Larry Wells - Purdue - I think Hiers and Wells ended up not having offers from UK

                  I'm not sure the DBs would've added that much and I'm pretty sure the OLs would not have. UK could've used some more guys on the DL but I don't know that Fullwood, Riley or Strowbridge would've beaten out Ware; would they have gotten time in place of Bell, Carter or Daniel? Maybe, or maybe not. The depth wouldn't have hurt, but I don't know how much it would've helped. Would Hamilton have taken some time from Middleton or Dubose? Maybe, but it's hard to say. Same for Andrew Dowell and Alex Stump; I don't know if they would or would not have beaten anyone out of playing time.


                  RB Quinton Baker - Western Kentucky - arrested and convicted of DUI and possession of marijuana, then played in every game, with 542 rushing yards and 4 TDs on the season as a true freshman, second best on the team behind Anthony Wales (Louisville Central) with 1,621 yards and 27 TDs.

                  DT Kobe Smith - South Carolina - had four tackles in three games as a true freshman

                  Baker had a very nice freshman season but I don't know that anyone would take him over Snell or Williams, or Rose. Smith might have contributed on the DL for UK, but it's hard to say, as Carolina was pretty thin coming into 2016 and he didn't play that much there.


                  LB DeMarco Artis -
                  DT James Hudson -
                  QB Mac Jones -
                  TE Charles Reeves -
                  RB Michael Warren -
                  CB Russ Yeast

                  We'll see where these guys end up, and whether it looks like they'd have won playing time ahead of who does come to UK. Jones may be good, but it looks like the QBs who will be at UK are too. We may never see Jones on the field at Alabama. I don't see any reason to think Warren would get ahead of anyone at UK, but we'll see. The class could've used a TE or LB, but we'll see if these guys perform like the guys ahead and behind them. Hudson is a higher regarded recruit than the DTs headed to UK, but that's generally meaningless when they hit the field. Yeast isn't the type of CB Stoops favors; we'll see how he does. It's early but I'd say down the road Hudson may prove to be a recruit we'd like to have had; I think other kids will make us forget the other guys unless there's trouble landing a good TE next year, or Artis ends up playing well beyond expectations.


                  WR Jermaine Eskridge - who knows.

                  Losing out on decommits isn't the end of the world. Every team deals with it. They haven't been a huge deal to UK recently and they probably won't be in 2017 either. That's worth keeping in mind tomorrow on NSD.
                  Thank you! Printed and saved. I was especially interested in the McDowell brothers at Michigan State. It's good to have this list for my bulletin board.


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                    Thanks. Good stuff!


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                      Does anybody know anything about the players who have de-commited from ohio state?


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                        Here's how UK's 32 (I think) decommits over the past six years appear to be shaking out:

                        Probably would have contributed significantly (3):

                        OL Derrick Kelly, Florida State
                        DB David Dowell, Michigan State
                        DT DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State

                        Might possibly have competed for a 1 or 2 spot (3):

                        DB Jeremiah Dinson, Auburn
                        QB Mac Jones, Alabama
                        QB Jarren Williams, Miami

                        Wouldn't have played much before this year, but might be eyeing playing time this year or in future years if at Kentucky (4):

                        DT/OT James Hudson, Michigan
                        LB Xavier Peters, Florida State
                        DE Jason Strowbridge, North Carolina
                        RB Michael Warren, Cincinnati

                        Not likely they'd play much if they'd gone UK, but still to be seen (4):

                        WR Shocky Jacques-Louis, Pitt
                        WR Alex Stump, Ohio State/Vanderbilt
                        CB Russ Yeast, Louisville

                        Likely wouldn't have contributed at UK much or at all (12):

                        LB DeMarco Artis, Baylor
                        RB Quinton Baker, Western Kentucky
                        CB/LB Montrell Custis, Ole Miss
                        LB Andrew Dowell, Michigan State
                        WR Jermaine Eskridge
                        DE Darius Fullwood, Virginia Tech
                        WR Cadarius Gaskin, FIU
                        WR Meechi Harris, Cincinnati
                        OL Luke Hiers, Central Florida
                        TE Charles Reeves, Pitt
                        DE Alex Reigelsperger, Minnesota
                        OL Larry Wells, Purdue

                        Can't really tell at this point (10):

                        DT Tyler Bentley, Pitt
                        DT Lamar Goods, Florida (for now)
                        OG Richie Leonard, Florida (for now)
                        OT Gerald Mincey, Florida (for now)
                        DE Taures Payne, Houston
                        DE/OT Tyrone Riley, North Carolina State
                        WR Wandale Robinson, Nebraska, freshman
                        S Keontra Smith, Miami, freshman
                        DT Kobe Smith, South Carolina
                        CB Jay Ward, LSU, freshman

                        Part 1 (character limits on posts):


                        OL Derrick Kelly, Florida State: 2019, 6'5" 307, 5.44 40 undrafted free agent trying to make the Saints' roster. 2018, early season injury but started 9 games; did not live up to preseason All ACC hopes. 2017, entered fall as the second string LG, as a 6'5" 323 junior, but ended up starting every game, some at LT and some at LG. 2016, was backup LT to All-ACC Roderick Johnson, who declared for the 2017 NFL draft as a junior and was taken in the fifth round. 2015, missed most of the season due to injury. He'd likely start at most other schools in the country, but also plays a position where UK appears very strong.


                        CB/LB Montrell Custis, Ole Miss: 2019, will have to fight to earn a spot on the 2 deep at LB. 2018, appeared to be having a tough time finding a position; was moved from DB to LB, then back to DB, and had 13 tackles and 4 passes defended while starting the first three games (none of which were close) but missed the rest of the season due to a torn ACL. 2017, played in most games, though I don't know that he started any, and his stats didn't indicate great contribution. 2016, played in 6 games as a second/third stringer, with 10 tackles and 2 defended passes; season high 3 tackles vs. Georgia. 2015, redshirted; Decommitted from UK to go to Alabama, but then was told Bama didn't have a ride for him, and ended up at Ole Miss. I don't know that he would contribute at UK at this point.

                        DB Jeremiah Dinson, Auburn: 2019, likely starting FS. 2018, moved from NB to FS and started, despite an injury in the spring game and resulting shoulder surgery; 64 tackles, 4 TFL, 3 PBU; played well in big games with 7 tackles, 1.5 TFL, 1 sack, 1 PBU vs. Washington, 15 tackles and 1 INT vs. Mississippi State, and 9 tackles and a forced fumble in a win against Texas A&M. 2017, was the starting nickelback and played in every game, and also played S, finishing with 47 tackles. 2016, redshirted due to injury. 2015, played as a true freshman in 2015 but was injured. Dinson was the decommit that led to Kentucky landing Chris Westry instead. He'd compete for and possibly win in a starting spot in UK's secondary, though I'm not sure he'd have won that spot as a freshman or sophomore.

                        LB Andrew Dowell, Michigan State: 2019, undrafted free agent trying to make the Cowboys' roster. 2018, honorable mention Big Ten LB (coaches and media), started every game, 97 tackles (10th in the Big Ten), 8.5 TFL, 9 PBU, 3.5 sacks. 2017, entered fall as the starter, at 6'1" 221, and started every game, finishing second on the team after the bowl game with 74 tackles (2.5 TFL, 1 sack). 2016, started 8 games, with 67 tackles (4th on team), 3 for loss. 2015, played in 13 games as a true freshman, with 22 tackles, one for a loss. Andrew and David Dowell are twin brothers, and their younger brother Michael is set to join them at Michigan State in 2018. I don't know what his place on the depth chart would be if he was at UK right now.

                        DB David Dowell, Michigan State: 2019, starting FS and potential 3-time All Big Ten performer. 2018, starting FS and was third team All Big Ten with 13 starts, 59 tackles, 2 PBU, 2 INT; he had more interceptions in 2017 than any returning player in the Big Ten in 2018, and Michigan State's secondary and pass defense were expected to be among the best in the nation. 2017, was first team All Big Ten at safety as a sophomore, and was 8th in FBS with 5 interceptions, a record under D'Antonio at MSU; he had 2 INTs, 1 FF and 7 tackles against Michigan, but only started the last nine games in 2017 while ending up all conference. 2016, 10 games and 10 tackles as a reserve. 2015, redshirted. He'd likely start at UK, or most schools. His younger brother Michael Dowell will be a redshirt freshman behind him at FS.

                        DE Darius Fullwood, Virginia Tech/William and Mary: 2019, playing at William and Mary. 2018, fell farther down the depth chart at DT, and may not have had a build for P5 DT, DE or LB (6'3" 278); Tech's D line was a jumble going into 2018 but he was not a major contributor, appearing in 9 games with no stats that I saw. 2017, he was second string at NT on a thin DL, at 6'3" 252, but got up to 282 and played in 12 games. 2016, I think he was third string as a redshirt freshman, playing in 3 games. Fullwood probably wouldn't have ever been a factor at UK.

                        DT DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State: 2019, likely starter at DT, at 6'4", 310. 2018, 3 starts, 16 tackles, 3.5 TFL as a second string DT on a 13-1 team. 2017, probably entered fall as third string DT, as a 6'4" 300 sophomore, and played in most games, totaling 12 tackles; he has 7 TFLs in the past two years. 2016, entered the season as a fourth string redshirt freshman, but played in 13 games, with 10 tackles, 2.5 for loss. He would probably be a helpful addition to the two deep at a current position of need at UK.

                        OL Luke Hiers, Central Florida: Does not appear to be playing college football, and may never have taken the field for anyone. I think Hiers and Wells ended up not having offers from UK; he may have had a second surgery on his shoulder (which may be part of why he didn't end up at UK), and I don't know if he showed up at UCF; I can't really find any information on this former 4* recruit. It doesn't appear could have added much at UK.

                        DE/OT Tyrone Riley, North Carolina State: 2019, likely second string LT. 2018: was moved from defense to the offensive line for his junior year, where he was the second string RT, starting 2 games and appearing in 12. 2017, entered fall as a 6'6" 285 second string DE, behind a likely first team All ACC and potential All American player, Bradley Chubb; he played in all 13 games for NC State in 2017 but totaled only 3 tackles (1 solo) for the year. 2016, I think he started out third string, but he played in 11 games and had 9 tackles. 2015, redshirted. At 6'6" 285 and moved away from a DL that isn't one of the ACC's better units, I don't know what he would do at UK.

                        DE Jason Strowbridge, North Carolina: 2019, likely the only returning starter on the DL, as a 6'4" 280 DE; preseason 2nd team All-ACC. 2018, appeared to be a likely second string DT at 6'4" 280, behind fellow 4* recruit Jalen Dalton; finished the season with 11 starts, 36 tackles (7th on the team), 5.5 sacks on a 2-9 team. 2017, entered fall as second string DT as a 6'4" 270 sophomore and played in 12 games with decent stats. 2016, I think he began as third string as a redshirt freshman, ending up with 12 tackles and 1 start. 2015, redshirted due to injury 4* recruit; ; ; He'll probably be an important part of the 2018 UNC defense. I'mt not sure where he would be on UK's DL or depth chart.

                        WR Alex Stump, Ohio State/Vanderbilt: 2019, he doesn't appear to be on anyone's roster that I can find; I'm not sure what became of him. 2018 would have been his first eligible year at Vanderbilt after transferring from Ohio State, but I don't know if he played. 2017, transferred to Vanderbilt and had to sit out. 2016, as a third stringer, had a total of 1 catch for 8 yards in a 58-0 win over Rutgers. 2015, redshirted. I don't know how he would far on UK's roster, but we'll know by the end of this season. Hard to tell what he might have done had he spent his college career at UK.

                        OL Larry Wells, Purdue: I think Hiers and Wells ended up not having offers from UK; Wells didn't qualify academically to play at Purdue, which may explain why he didn't end up with UK. I don't know if he's still playing football. It doesn't appear he'd add anything at UK.


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                          Part 2, 2016-2019 (character limits on posts):


                          RB Quinton Baker, Western Kentucky: dismissed from the team and I don't know if he is playing anywhere now. 2017, would have entered the year as the starting RB except he got in trouble again; played in 7 games, rushing 65 times for 233 yards (third on team, 3.6 average) and 1 TD, catching 9 passes for 91 yards and 1 TD. 2016, arrested and convicted of DUI and possession of marijuana, then played in every game, with 542 rushing yards and 4 TDs on the season as a true freshman, second best on the team behind Anthony Wales (Louisville Central) with 1,621 yards and 27 TDs and enough to be CUSA All-Freshman. His off the field issues would have resulted in dismissal from the team.

                          DT Kobe Smith, South Carolina: 2019, fighting for a starting DT spot. 2018, 6 starts. 39 tackles, 3 TFL. 2017, entered as a 6'2" 297 second string DT but ended up fourth, but played in every game and tallied 13 tackles, 1.5 TFL. 2016, had four tackles while appearing in 11 games as a true freshman. I don't know where he would be on the DL at UK; he hasn't been able to secure a starting spot against interior competition that isn't superb. Committed to NC State, then Kentucky, then South Carolina.


                          LB DeMarco Artis, Baylor: 2018, left the program in July. 2017, appeared in half of Baylor's games and had 6 tackles; was in the top 10 of their recruiting class, which was weakened by the scandal there. He committed to UCF, then to Florida State, then signed with Baylor. I do not think he would have been a factor at UK and I do not know that he had a place in UK's recruiting class.

                          DT/OT James Hudson, Michigan/Cincinnati: 2019, may start at LT at Cincinnati. 2018, played in 3 games at LT for Michigan. 2017, moved from DL to OL and redshirted. 4* recruit but was barely in the top 20 in their outstanding class. He'd likely be playing, and at DL, at UK, but that's speculation.

                          QB Mac Jones, Alabama: 2019: will fight two freshmen for the #2-3 QB position. 2018: third string QB but did not see action in a contested game unless Tagovailoa and Hurts were both unavailable; 123 passing yards, 38.5% completion percentage, 1 TD, 0 INT. Looked irretreivably buried on the depth chart despite being the MVP of Alabama's spring game (23 of 35 for 289, 2 TDs, 1 INT; Hurts was 19 of 37 for 195, 0 TD, 1 INT; Tagovailoa sat out due to a hand injury). Getting arrested for DUI in November 2018 didn't help and neither did the backup's heroics in the national championship game.

                          TE Charles Reeves, Pitt: 2019, playing at Youngstown State. 2018: dismissed from team for disciplinary reasons and didn't appear to have landed anywhere tbat year. 2017, redshirted. 4* recruit, in the top 5 in their class, came in at 6'5" 280. A dismissal at Pitt most likely would mean a dismissal at UK, and from a position of roster depth. Youngstown State plays at Commonwealth in 2022 but Reeves' eligibility should be exhausted by then.

                          RB Michael Warren, Cincinnati - 2019, will start at RB and attempt to repeat as all conference. 2018, first team All AAC with 1,329 rushing yards (5.4 ypc), starting 12 games; looked likely to be thesecond string RB behind sophomore Gerrid Doaks, who was a potential All-AAC candidate but missed the season due to injury. 2017, played in 12 games, posted 324 yards (6.0 average) and 1 TD as a true freshman (3rd on team) and caught 5 passes for 57 yards. Committed to Toledo, then signed with Cincinnati as the top recruit in UC's class. If Rose can perform as he did in the spring game, I don't think Warren would play much at UK.

                          CB Russ Yeast, Louisville: 2019, likely starter at SS (5'11" 185). 2018, l8 tackles in 11 games as a sophomore. 2017, started playing five games into the season and became an important part of a defense that didn't perform very well, starting 7 games and finishing with 23 talkes and 2 PBUs; also returned some punts (3.3 average, long of 21). 4* recruit, in the top 4 or 5 recruits in their class. I don't know where he would stand in UK's backfield.


                          DT Tyler Bentley, Pitt: 2019, likely 3rd string NT. 2018, entered as a 6'2" 300 true freshman and redshirted. Committed to UK, took a visit to Pitt, and I think the coaches may have cut him loose after that. He ended up at Pitt. I don't know if he would complete for playing time at UK this year or later.

                          WR Jermaine Eskridge: 2019, I can't find out what happened to this former 5* recruit. 2018, appeared to be headed to Iowa Western Community College. He began as a 5* and top 100 recruit; very briefly committed to USF long after decommitting from Kentucky; reportedly had offers to Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, Florida State, Michigan, Oklahoma, Southern Cal, UCLA, Washington, and several others, at least at one point. Ended up as a 3* recruit. I don't know what issues or circumstances were present. I have no idea if he could compete for a roster spot or playing time at UK.

                          WR Cadarius Gaskin, FIU: 2019, appears to be a 2nd string WR as a sophomore. 2018, 3 catches for 82 yards and 1 TD, did not redshirt; he also wanted to play baseball at FIU but I don't know if he did. He announced a commitment to Kentucky in the spring, but the interest did not seem reciprocated. I don't think he's compete for a roster spot or playing time at UK despite playing a likely position of need.

                          WR Meechi Harris, Cincinnati: 2019, does not appear to be on a college roster. 2018, does not appear to have played, and left the team after the season. Was a 3* prospect, committed to UK for a few months, then visited Cincinnati and ended up there. I don't know that he'd have ever played at UK and I don't know how the staff viewed him as the recruiting process wound down or if he is finished with football.

                          WR Shocky Jacques-Louis, Pitt: 2019, likely 2nd string WR. 2018, 3 starts, 9 receptions for 76 yards as a true freshman, long of 15, and 7 carries for 58 yards. 3* with some nice offers, committed to Kentucky, then to Tennessee, then after Butch Jones was fired appeared to come down to Kentucky and Pitt, but I'm not sure how interested Kentucky was at the end, and he signed with Pitt. I don't know that he'd play this year at UK and I don't know what his future prospects would've been at UK or how the staff viewed him as the recruiting process wound down.

                          LB Xavier Peters, Florida State: 2019, transferred to Kentucky, will sit out the year. 2018, I don't know if he'll be eligible, or if he has any chance of not redshirting. 4*, well regarded player with nice offers; announced his commitment but I'm not sure any of us ever knew how sincere or solid it was, and apparently at least one family member wasn't sold on his decision. If eligible, by reputation, he'd compete for time this year at UK and in later years.

                          DE Alex Reigelsperger, Minnesota: 2019, prior to the season, appeared to be a likely 3rd string DE at 6'4", 255, but quite football due to an injury before the season. 2018, redshirted. 3* by most services, committed to Kentucky and it was hoped his teammate Blue Smith would join him; Smith ended up at Ohio State and Reigelsperger ended up at Minnesota. If at UK, no doubt he'd have redshirted in 2018, and it's unlikely he'd have ever played, especially if he suffered the same injury. (Blue Smith transferred from Ohio State to Cincinnati after one year, I think. If he was as good as advertised, Smith probably could've seen playing time at UK.)

                          QB Jarren Williams, Miami: 2019, probably fighting for the backup spot behind Ohio State transfer Tate Martell. 2018, was one of 5 QBs on the roster and didn't play in any significant action, completing 1 of 3 pass attempts for 17 yards in a 77-0 win against Savannah State; was 9 of 14 for 107 yards and 1 TD in the spring game. 4* player, committed to UK, decommitted, recommitted, picked up some terrific offers, jumped late to Miami. I don't know if he could've make a run at the starting job at UK in 2018; I could've see him as the starter or 4th stringer or anything in between, and not necessarily at the same point on the depth chart month to month.


                          DE Taures Payne, Houston: 2019, true freshman, one of Houston's top signees

                          WR Wandale Robinson, Nebraska: 2019, true freshman, may be a 2nd string WR

                          S Keontra Smith, Miami: 2019, true freshman, one of Miami's top incoming freshmen, will fight to get on the 2 deep

                          CB Jay Ward, LSU: 2019, true freshman, not likely to see any significant action


                          DT Lamar Goods, Florida (for now)

                          OG Richie Leonard, Florida (for now)

                          OT Gerald Mincey, Florida (for now)
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                            WOW! That took some effort Old School, and I appreciate it very much. OBTW, it's good to have you back.
                            John 3:3


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                              It's been announced Williams gets the nod at Miami. Best of luck to him unless.the Cats line up against the Canes.

                              I have had to reevaluate my stance on stance on.some kids transferring or committing due to the fact I ain't standing on my morality soapbox when they recommit to us.

                              The more we get kids other name schools want, the more this will happen. Kudos to the coaches for overcoming the.flips.....especially the late ones.

                              We didn't use to see many of these flips....then again at one time we relied almost a hundred per cent in the rough everyone overlooked.
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                                Just to point of this second, the commits Kentucky has received are currently ranking higher than the kids that decommitted.

                                this staff is really something unusual for UK football.