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Grant Bingham Commits to UK

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  • Grant Bingham Commits to UK

    Highly-coveted O-lineman Grant Bingham committed to Kentucky on KSR this morning. He’s an EKY kid and a fantastic addition to the line.

    Huge pick-up.
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    big 4 star tackle from Kentucky. Mighty nice!


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      after reading up, this kid has everything we all talk about.....yeah I know....likely ends up a three star, but the guy has size, strength, speed....and he WANTS to be here. Offer sheet that includes Notre Dame.
      Tall cotton.
      Red shirt year to learn technique and this guy may be a steal.

      Im one of those crazy loons that love to see the team get those linemen......I worry about everybody else later.
      Lets not forget, we had a bowl championship team with a kid that was a receiver.....although a special kid, still. This thing about a Big Blue Wall is starting to click for Kentucky football big time.


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        I really love that we got this kid.

        Or rather will have him when he sings on signing day...

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          Looks like a very good commitment. One year in the weight room and learning the college game and he could be very good.
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          Grant Bingham Commits to UK