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Basketball Question # 8.

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  • Basketball Question # 8.

    Folks, I realize the first few questions have been administrative type and not directly associated with game action. But they are questions on the test all Officials take and therefore important to the game. My desire has always been to inform Kentucky Fans with every aspect of whichever sport. There is one more question of this type, then we get into more interesting questions so please bear with me and participate.

    BB question #8.

    An official discovers that a player is wearing socks with a professional sports entity's logo on each sock. The official should:

    A. Indicate to the player and his coach that he may not participate until the socks with the logos are removed.
    B. Assess the player a Class B technical and resume play at the point of interruption, after the free throw.
    John 3:3

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Basketball Question # 8.