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Correct Answer to BB Question #8.

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  • Correct Answer to BB Question #8.

    The correct answer,

    is A.

    RULE 1; Court and Equipment.

    Section 26. Players’ Equipment​​​​​​​.

    Art. 6. Equipment used shall be appropriate for basketball. Basketball knee braces may be worn when they are covered properly. A protector for any injured facial bone, even though made of hard material, shall be permissible when it does not endanger other players. Eyeglass and mouth guard protectors are appropriate equipment when they meet the qualifications outlined in this rule. Names or logos of professional sports entities are not permitted on any player's equipment.​​​​​​​
    John 3:3

A Word From Our Founder

With the recent discussion of rules and what is and is not posted I set out to find what our mission statement originally was and this is what I found:...

Correct Answer to BB Question #8.