The correct answer to # 9

is False.

RULE 4; Definitions.

Section 12. Disqualified Player.
Art. 4.
When the head coach is notified by an official that a player is disqualified, that player becomes bench personnel, except when the disqualified individual is ejected.

RULE 2; Officials and Their Duties.

Section 9. Duties of Scorers.
The scorers shall:
Art. 4. Notify an official immediately when a player has committed his fifth foul.

RULE 8; Free Throw.

Section 3. Who Attempts​​​​​​​.
Art. 1. Personal fouls
—The free throw(s) awarded because of a personal foul shall be attempted by the offended player, unless one of the conditions of Article 2 or 3 of this section are met. Art 2. The free throw(s) that were to be attempted by the offended player shall be attempted by that player’s substitute unless no substitute is available, in which case any team member shall attempt the free throw(s) when the offended player is disqualified or ejected or must withdraw because he is bleeding or has blood on his uniform or person, or when a player is withdrawn because of a lost, displaced or irritated contact lens.