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  • Bahamas Games Open Thread

    Kentucky will take on the Bahamas National Team at 7:00.

    The Bahamas team will be missing a couple of players, including former Maryland big man Shaq Cleare. So Kentucky should have a relatively easy time.

    But I'm excited to watch them. Things I'm particularly interested in with these Bahamas games:

    * Is Ashton Hagans a star in the making? This is one issue that will tell the tale on whether or not UK can be a legit title contender.

    * How much has Nick Richards improved?

    * Does this team have legit jumpshooters or is it going to be a situation like last year, where we're going to be deep into games before we see a three fall?

    * Can Reid Travis bring the same devastating intensity we saw at Stanford?

    * Does Kentucky have the overall team talent that we've seen from Cal's best teams?

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    Jemarl Baker will not play due to swelling in his knee.


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      The starters, which I wouldn't read anything into in these Bahamas games. This is likely one of the practice squads:

      Quade Green
      Immanuel Quickley
      Keldon Johnson
      PJ Washington
      Nick Richards


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        Who is this guy?


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          Nick Richards ...where have you been....WOW


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            After a tremendous start Kentucky has hit a skid in the last 4:00.

            Competition level is obviously low, but things I'm impressed with:

            * Nick Richards

            * Reid Travis's ability to rebound the ball.

            * Ashton Hagans' energy.

            Things I'm not impressed with:

            * Kentucky's team defense, which they probably haven't worked on at all this summer. Hagans looks like he could really cause problems for teams defensively. All action all the time.


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              I liked Herro a lot. Great energy. Wasn't afraid.

              Couple of these other guys are trying to find their shots. Next time Reid Travis comes in he should probably just lower his head and go to the rim. Not sure Bahamas has anyone who will stand in front of him.

              Defensively Kentucky is playing like it's early August.


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                Don’t like the lineups at all, would like to see Travis and Washington on floor at same time. Green looks tentative. Shooting is horrible. Hero should start before SEC play. Hagans is a beast on D.


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                  Travis and Washington have been on the floor together for the past few minutes.


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                    Herro and Hagans have been great. Maybe the only two guys for Kentucky who look like they're loose.

                    Reid Travis has struggled. Nervous.


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                      0 three pointers made in first half , very disturbing. Yeah I know it’s only the first game, still for now it looks like our shooting woes have not been solved


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                        Sorry Quickly did hit one.


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                          Pretty sure they made one very early.

                          Three pointers weren't made because the whole offense was out of rhythm. They were having trouble getting easy twos, let alone threes. Some guys were really forcing it. Only Herro was getting shots in a smooth rhythm.


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                            Love Herros bounciness. Ashtan Hagans is all over the floor. He can be a great defender.
                            Isaiah 5:20


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                              Like that someone is disturbed by a poor showing in an August exhibition lol



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