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    Some of Cal's comments in the media day press conference:

    * Team is very intense. Has to break them up at times during practice.

    * Travis's weight loss (17 pounds) has made his game completely different. Way more explosion.

    * Cal says what'll separate this team is how much they get in the gym. They have the intensity, but how much will they be willing to work on skill things?

    * Talked a lot about consistency. Thinks what will separate the players is how they can bring it every game. Washington, Green, and Richards all struggled pretty mightily with consistency a year ago.

    * Says Travis and Ashton Hagans are the "most improved" since practice began.

    * EJ Montgomery had just been "okay," but looked much better when the pro scouts were there.

    * Says last year's team was never really "empowered." Got better as a team but didn't have ownership of the team. Says this team is way different.

    * Clearly loves Ashton Hagans.

    * Says interestingly that Tyler Herro is as good as Keldon Johnson defensively.

    * Looking for that "separator" who can take the team to the next level. Best-case scenario is that you have two guys like that.

    * Team doesn't block enough shots. Cal says he would like more blocks because the "best teams I've coached have blocked a lot of shots." I attribute this to the fact that this team doesn't have a lot of great leapers. If you look at the combine measurements, they really don't have any superstar athletes. And length-wise, the best they've got (Richards) doesn't have great instincts.

    * Nick Richards much more confident this year. Last year he just couldn't overcome any adversity.

    * Cal arguing that the NCAA should not be so concerned about a level playing field, but should do what's right for players. This is regarding the scandal that happened with Adidas and how it may change the NCAA and the sport.

    * Cal making an argument for college basketball. Thinks it's beneficial for players to be made to go to college, because there are so few NBA-ready players right out of high school. He doesn't do this a lot, but he's standing up for a Kentucky education. Thinks the one year they play is important because it lays a foundation for their future, whereas the G-League is way more risky and it will not pay enough to help the players. Very interesting comments.

    * Says that he would be a guest on Pitino's podcast but probably wouldn't invite him to practice to talk to team. Says that would "put North Korea on the backburner."

    * Says the team has a chip on their shoulder and that many players feel like they were underrated by the recruiting services. Even some highly ranked players feel that way. Makes you wonder if the Duke stuff didn't hit a nerve.

    * EDITED to add: Made mention of Jemarl Baker. Again seemed pretty down on him. Says that the year off hurt him and bothered his confidence. Finished by saying that he's getting better, but Baker is clearly behind. On a team full of studs, you have to find a niche a la Dominique Hawkins or somebody like that. Very hard to do for a player who has never played a game in college.

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    Interesting comment about Herro being as good defensively as KJ. Herro has some sneaky athleticism but watching the Bahamas games, Johnson was just super explosive. Maybe Herro's instincts are better at the moment. Larry Bird was one of the best defensive players ever and he was never known for his athleticism.
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      Interesting comments and just oozes with confidence in this team.
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      Media Day Notes