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The Correct Answers to BB Questions # 12.

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  • The Correct Answers to BB Questions # 12.

    Because of a suggestion some time ago, I have started a new topic for the correct answer. However now the question is 7 topics below the answer. So, let me know if you all prefer having a new topic for the answer or put below the question in the same topic.

    The correct answer to # 12,

    is True.

    RULE 10; Fouls and Penalties.

    Section 1. Personal Fouls​​​​​​​.
    Art. 5.
    The following principles apply to post play and constitute fouls when violated:
    b. A post player may establish post position with his arm(s) bent at the elbow. A straight arm may not be used to ward off an opponent or to prevent him from legally guarding the post player.
    c. The “swim stroke” may not be used by the offense or defense to reposition, regain position, or move an opponent from a legally established position;
    John 3:3

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    Lol....well, here we learn again



    A Word From Our Founder

    With the recent discussion of rules and what is and is not posted I set out to find what our mission statement originally was and this is what I found:...

    The Correct Answers to BB Questions # 12.