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Wilgus Tolson

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  • Wilgus Tolson

    You all know the name. Out of curiosity I looked him up. He's a sophomore at Wolfe County. I didn't see his averages, and I don't even know if he played varsity, but a quick guess after seeing some stats would be about 15 points, five assists, and three or four rebounds a game. The legend lives on.

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    Isaiah 5:20


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      A quick glance at KHSAA shows me that Wilgus did indeed play varsity, and he's not a bad player. A random click-through of a few of Wolfe County's games show him scoring 20-25 a few times. Very solid for a sophomore.

      Wolfe County oddly has a 7th grader who gets time on their varsity team. That's a 13-year-old. Really tough to play against 18-year-olds at that age. My son's 15 and the difference in a senior's body and his is pretty shocking, and he's pretty strong. To compete on that level at 13 is impressive.



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