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Detroit Mercy's Antoine Davis Chases Pistol Pete

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    Originally posted by justafan View Post
    Well- if you want to read about him whining then here ya go:

    Detroit Mercy's Antoine Davis, who finished four points shy of breaking Pete Maravich's NCAA scoring record, told the AP he's "upset" about the Titans being denied an invitation to play in the CBI or inaugural College Hoops Postseason 8.

    AFAIK - Pistol Pete never played in a single NCAA tournament - I imagine he did not whine.
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      Well that makes up my mind on the kid.....glad he didn't beat the record because he wouldn't have deserved to be noted about Pistol Pete anyways.

      Go play at a power 5 conference and put up those numbers and then you can legitimately be in the conversation.



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      Detroit Mercy's Antoine Davis Chases Pistol Pete